Forbes: Convenience Vs. Experience: Millennials Love Streaming But Aren’t Ready To Dump Cinema Just Yet

Of course, streaming doesn’t just impact how millennials are viewing TV shows. Paid streaming channels also feature plenty of long form, cinematic content. Some of this is original programming. Some is feature film content released to streaming services by studios. The convenience and low cost of this is appealing to millennials.

Don’t count cinema out though, not by a long shot. Movie theaters bring something that streaming cannot: an immersive experience. That’s something that millennials crave. According to National CineMedia, members of this generation are 50% more likely to claim movies as a passion. They are also most likely to buy tickets ahead of time, and nearly 90% aim to arrive at the theater early.

So, why is cinema still a hit? What are movie theaters doing to create more engaging cinema experiences? Are there other factors that are sending millennials to the theater?