Variety: Amazon Studios Looks to Shake Up the Movie Business as it Moves Into Self-Distribution

The company’s marketing and distribution team, headed by Bob Berney, now tops out at 40 people, quadruple what it was a year ago. It’s also hired Mark Boxer, an IFC executive best known for his work on Richard Linklater’s Oscar-winning “Boyhood,” as head of theatrical distribution. The company believes that distributing its own films will […]

Variety: Box Office Crisis: Movie Theaters Try to Dig Out From Dismal Season

While companies like Netflix generate headlines for disrupting the way people watch movies and shows, exhibitors maintain that they, too, have been invested in innovation. Regal and AMC have upgraded locations with recliner seats and are enhancing their menus with snazzier snacks and alcoholic beverages. Both companies say the new features have resulted in more […]

The Hollywood Reporter: Spain Lowers Movie Ticket Sales Tax After Years of Upheaval

As the San Sebastian International Film Festival got underway Friday, the Spanish government confirmed plans to lower the sales tax on movie admissions from the record-breaking 21 percent to 10 percent, answering the film industry’s dire request for the past six years. “I believe we are inaugurating the San Sebastian festival tonight,” said Culture Minister […]

The Huffington Post: Seeing Guns In Movies Makes Kids More Likely To Pull The Trigger Of A Gun In Real Life

An estimated one in three American homes with children have guns in them, and about 1.7 million children are living in the presence of a loaded, unlocked gun. Perhaps it’s no wonder, then, that every week in America, one child under 12 years old dies from an unintentional gunshot, the majority of which happen at home. And this year alone, children […]