Are Canadian Movie Theaters Bound To Experiment With PVOD In 2018?

While talks have slowed between the major studios and leading Great White North theatre chain Cineplex, we hear both sides are still far apart. The PVOD conversation hasn’t stopped in the way that it has between AMC and the majors here in the U.S., but there’s still some big hurdles to get through before the video window becomes a reality in cities like Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton or Montreal. Cineplex boss Ellis Jacob has a reputation for being open minded to the idea of PVOD, and as the movie one-stop shop in Canada for tickets and VOD rentals, it makes sense for the executive to be at the forefront of this newfound revenue stream. Cineplex has some 8,500 titles which is available to consumers via its own VOD portal. When reached for comment on this story, Cineplex provided none.