The Hollywood Reporter: Tokyo Film Festival Head: Cinema Will Persevere, Streaming Is Just Another Platform

Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) director Takeo Hisamatsu dismissed the threat to cinema and film festivals from the growth of Netflix, Amazon and other streaming platforms, suggesting they were simply another platform, like television or home video. “The issue of streaming became something of a topic at Cannes this year. At one time, films had […]

The Wall Street Journal: Robotic Chefs Arrive in Restaurant Industry

The most typical image of automation transforming everyday life may be autonomous vehicles. Way before that happens, however, robots could be spinning pies at your local pizza shop. In what could be the first mainstream test of a new wave of automation technology, startups such as Zume Pizza, Miso Robotics and others aim to automate […]

The Washington Post: Going to the movies ought to be special. Here’s how theaters can make that happen.

“I have to say that exhibition embraced Chris [Nolan] and Warner Brothers in a really proactive and special way and said, ‘Okay, tell us how to do it. We don’t have projectionists anymore. … In many cases, we don’t have equipment or if we have equipment … we don’t know how to operate it and, […]

Home Media Magazine: MPAA: 6% of North American Households Have Piracy Software

Piracy of movies and TV shows is moving away from disc to digital. About 6% of North American households have a device with open-source Kodi software to access pirated content, according to the Motion Picture Association of America. Although Kodi software is not unlawful on its own, and does not host or link to unlicensed […]